Charlie Chaplin has said that :
Nothing is permanent in this world – not even your troubles.”

These are just 3 words that hold one of the most important facts of this universe. Life is like a flowing river in which nothing stays not even your relationships, fame, riches, poverty, happiness, sorrow, disease, objects, people, troubles, problems, etc. All things will change with time, nothing stays permanent. The problem is that we want everything permanent in this temporary life but we forget that things are not in our control.

Another thing is that we thought that all the problems are made for us only, we start thinking that these problems are permanent in our life. Due to this we got so stressed and so many people just try to finish their life. We should keep in mind that all troubles come in our life to make us strong so we should face them because these problems are not permanent.

But have you realized that this fact gives us both, a reason for happiness and a reason to sorrow? In times of joy and success when we’re surrounded by good things, thinking about this fact can make us upset that how things won’t be the same forever and they’ll soon change. But thinking about the same fact in times of distress and trouble can give a person hope that the times will soon change and he’ll be out of that situation.

There is nothing permanent except change. – Heraclitus

Change is the only reality of this temporary world. This means that everything in this world changes whether the seasons which change from summer to winter and vice – versa. Sometimes we feel very energetic, another second we feel weak. A happily married life sometimes changes to the feeling or emotions of a person keep on changing. Price of commodity, development of technology, modes of study, etc. everything changes with time.

Sometimes we feel that a certain thing will never change but with time we came to realize that we were wrong. The only constant thing in this world is change.

There are many things that we should learn from this caption “Nothing is permanent”.

Firstly, we should not get too much attached to a person, object, or any pleasure in our life. Because everything is temporary when these things vanished, we got upset. Secondly, so many people are just unwilling to accept the changes and want to live their life as they were living all these times which is not possible so they should learn to accept the change. A person should know that he has a limited time in this world to do what he wants to do because keeps on changing.

Remember, that the troubles are not permanent. They will finish one day automatically so just try to face them bravely without a thought and finish your life.

         Author – Palak Bedi