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Today’s topic is some what Scientific as well as Spiritual. Often we read, learn or are told that we have a couple of eyes, ears, hands, legs as external organs to act as a spare one in case of damage to one of the limbs. Same goes for a pair of kidneys, lungs and all other paired organs (As I don’t know much about Biology of Human Body, because I did not have Bio in my intermediate education☹️!)

But I think, the couples described above are not spare ones for each other, though they can act as spare to some extent. But the abilities are diminished if we lose one from the pair. Let me elucidate in details. Now the Scientific Biswa will take over for some time.

If we lose an eye, we will lose the depth of vision i.e. we can not estimate the actual depth of the object we are looking at. Our mind will make error in judgement of distance of the object being seen. A simple experiment can bring the point home. Just close one of your eyes with one hand, and try to see with the other eye. After seeing an object for some time, you will have mis-judgement of the distance of the object, either it will look to be closer or distant misleading your estimations. (Statutory Warning: There is a difference between closing your eye with a palm and an Olympic Shooter blocking his / her vision for more focus and concentration!🤔🤪)

The case is same if you lose one of the ear’s hearing sense. Another experiment: Try closing one of your ears and try to hear through the other one. After sometime, you will feel that you are not able to hear things properly especially if the sound comes from the direction of the closed ear. The sound will be very off beat and blurry / noisy / unclear. What I am trying to say is you just cannot treat one of the pairs as spare for the other one. Yes, you will continue to retain the sense, but in a diminished manner. 

Suppose one of your hands or legs is injured, then it will be difficult to carry on with normal routine activities. (I had felt it during my left knee surgery as well as the current state of injured right hand). Though I am reaping the benefit of working with the non dominant hand, my brain is making the extra effort to do the work properly. This in turn, is increasing my brain activity and functionality. It is scientifically proven that if you work with your non predominant limb, the actions will not be very smooth as being conducted by the subconscious mind on the dominant limb. The mind has to put effort to execute the command through the limb. This increases brain activity.😊

Alarming conditions arise when one lung or one Kidney malfunctions. The other counterpart has to work very hard which may imbalance its functionality. I need not explain more. I have created enough platform to jump into the main part of today’s topic. Let me switch back to the human Biswa.

It is the relationship between husband and wife i.e. relationship between parents from children’s point of view. When the relationship of parents are in tatters, it is the child who suffer the most because of the instability. A lot of youngsters in this forum can understand what I am telling about. If your mother is not able to withstand your father’s relatives and the vice versa, you as a child can neither enjoy the visit of guests from your paternal side nor from the maternal side. 

Like the body parts mentioned above, father and mother are not spare or replacement of each other. Our scriptures say that wife is ARDHANGINI means, half of the other spouse. Let’s have a joke to lighten the matter. One husband who heard this ARDHANGINI concept with ardh-understanding, told his wife that he wanted to marry one more woman. Surprised and shocked, when the wife asked the reason, the fellow replied that She was an ARDHANGINI. If he got married once more, another ARDHANGINI would arrive and both the wives would make a PURNAGINI! That day the husband could understand the power of Broom wielding ARDHANGIN’s T-20 shots🤪😜🤣!

Coming back to the point, for the balanced growth (not physically, but in terms of maturity) the contribution of both the parents is a must. Only mother cannot do full justice to the job of growing a child. Similarly, only father cannot do it. Yes, there are exceptional cases. But somewhere in the mind of the child these things do leave their impact. If the father sets a bad example and the child happens to be a girl, she will lose faith in all the men in extreme cases. If the child happens to be a boy, he is very likely to pick up the bad traits of his father, go into a depressive shell or can turn out into a violent criminal person. Else, the boy will carry the burden of a ‘ganda khoon‘ tag throughout his life for non of his fault. Society easily blames the woman when the man dumps his wife for all sorts of non-sense reasons.

If the betrayer is the mother and the child is a boy, he may grow up seeing his father mostly using abusive language for the mother who deserted him. There is very high probability that he may grow up as a revengeful boy treating all the girls around him as the shadows of his mother. He may develop a deep sense of hate for women in general. Even he may cheat his girlfriend(s) on a revenge or vengeance mode which can act as a balm for his mental wound and hidden anger / sorrow berried deep inside his heart. He may derive sadist pleasure from such activities. If the child happens to be a girl, she has to bear the brunt of a characterless mother throughout her entire life which even can potentially damage her aspirations, dreams and even denting her marriage also.

There is another side of the story also which I think is even more dangerous. The way we idolized our filmy celebrities is the cause of my fear. They just hold hands as partners and lead a super cool Page-3 married life for sometime and suddenly one day declare the news of their separation. Then even in cool style they will hold each other’s hand and declare that even if they have parted ways, they have a special place for each other in their hearts. They are family! I fail to understand the concept. When both are so close to each other as per the declaration why are they getting separated in the first place itself! May be I am a small man with a pigeon’s brain to understand all these, but frankly I do not get it..

This, in my view is creating a false sense of assurance and complacency among the already distracted current generation as the cool way of leading life, i.e. going on checking your compatibility with your partner even after 15 years and 20 years and go for second / third / fourth / nth iteration to find the soulmate. Sounds quite ridiculous, isn’t it!     

When your parents spat or fight, you hit a very rough patch in your mind. A very bad sectoral block is created in your brain and subsequently in the mind. As a hard disk develops several bad sectors, mind also undergoes similar process. When mind hits those bad sectors, the ride of life becomes very bumpy and turbulent. Things shake very badly. Richter scale cannot measure the degree of tremor the mind goes through. Mother and father are not spare of each other. This every parent needs to understand and devote the required time span for the kid. Fighting and that to in front of the children is the worst thing parents can teach their children.

My sincere appeal to all the parents to be responsible to their better halves as well as to their children. My humble request to all the readers is to spread this message, else we will have our next generation a totally confused lot.

Though, I have not experienced any such thing in my life by God’s grace, I can feel the pain of lots of youngsters now-a-days due to the bad blood between their parents. By Swamij’s grace I could write a few lines for those beautiful souls not to get distracted. In such situation, spirituality is the only lasting solution. Though it is easier said than done, I would recommend to practice some level of spirituality my dear Bachha Party. Nalin, Mayur and (infinite) Meera  are very good examples who have either steered them out of these sticky situations or trying their level best. Hats off to you three whom I track closely  It will keep you grounded, calm and more focused towards your goal. You will gain amazing inner strength to tide over the turbulence. Then you will develop the art of forgiveness and kindness. You will be less perturbed by the external circumstances and the fighting parents.

Promise me, you will not become one such parent whose child will complain the same thing that you are complaining now, will you?

Next time: THE EXAM GHOST (Yes Bachha Party, not only you people, (itni badi badi baaten karne wala🙃) this Biswa was also very nervous before exams and was haunted by THE EXAM GHOST🎃. Get ready to dump the stress and increase some dopamine as the post is going to be highly humorous!😁

Namaskar and Thank you to all. Jai Shri Hari…🙏🙏🙏

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