Honestly i didn’t wanted to write about covid-19 because everywhere only coronavirus is talked about. You talk to a family member and they start to tell you about the worsening covid-19 situation in their city or people they knew who died from this coronavirus. You talk to a friend and they start advising you about all the precautions that you must take to save yourselves and your near and dear ones from this covid-19. You open any news channel on your television  and i bet that you will get depressed as soon as you start watching news about how many people have succumbed to covid-19 or how much oxygen is left for patients in the I.C.U.(who are on oxygen support or on the ventilator) or real time updates about the vaccine shortage. Although our friends and family care about us and that’s why they ask us about our well-being, suggest us the precautions that we should take and also tells us about the covid situation in their surroundings but in this last 1 and a half year,we have stuffed our heads with so much negative news about novel coronavirus that whenever we learn more about it through family,friends or news,our mind immediately gets filled with toxicity in which we constantly feel helpless. But even after all these reasons,i still decided to write it because i wanted to share my perspective on novel coronavirus with my os.me family,so here is the first part.

I feel that this whole covid-19 situation has been a very big paradox and it is full of ironies and contradictions. I will list some of those contradictions(that i have observed)for you below:-

1. The country where this virus originated(china), there it has not spread that much but in my country India,which was helping literally every nation on the planet with medicines,medical equipments,relief materials, vaccines and many such essential items which were saving innumerable lives; here this covid-19 has caused a havoc which has resulted in deaths of so many of our fellow citizens.

2. In this pandemic,the rich have became ultra rich whereas the poor are fighting to live every single day and they are trying to survive in the same fashion like a fish tries to survive without water. The middle class have also taken a very severe beating with job losses,pay cuts and ruined businesses. 

3. We didn’t respected the environment and indulged in rampant cutting of trees and excessive exploitation of natural resources.  But now we are standing in queues to buy oxygen cylinders and we are desperate to get even 1 oxygen cylinder because our near and dear ones are literally gasping for breath while we helplessly stand in lines to get a 40,000 rupees oxygen cylinder whose original price was 1,000 rupees just a few months back.

4. There are many young people who were fit and healthy but they succumbed to this virus whereas there are also many old people (mostly celebrities and politicians that I can think of), who had relatively lesser chance of surviving covid-19.  But these old people got not only saved from covid-19,they are also thriving in their respected fields as well. Although I would wish a very healthy and long life to them and i am happy for them that God gave them a second chance but there are a lot of young people who had aspirations,dreams and a whole life ahead of them,they deserved a second chance but still God called them to his abode. 

5. Everyone in India(including me) thought that covid-19 is nearly over in our country as active cases were steadily decreasing,recovery rate was substantially increasing and covid-19 vaccination had already started. We thought that in just a couple of months our lives would once again look like pre pandemic good times. But God had other plans as the second wave of novel coronavirus came and after mid march 2021,the cases suddenly started increasing which in a matter of 1 and a half month got from 25,000 to 4,00,000 daily positive cases. Due to such a vertical surge in daily covid-19 positive cases,there is a shortage of hospital beds,oxygen supplies, medicines, medical equipments and medical staff in our country right now. This is not the end because even if we are in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic,experts are warning us beforehand about the fast approaching third wave of this novel coronavirus pandemic.

I know that this article was a little bit negative,so the next article in this series will be about the positives that we can see in our surroundings,our life and in this pandemic. I want to thank everyone who has read this article for your patience,commitment and support,i really appreciate it. I also want to urge you to please write about the contradictions and ironies that you have observed in the last one year(due to novel coronavirus) in the comment section below.