My previous article in this article series ‘Novel Coronavirus’ was a little bit negative. It generated a sense of doom and gloom in my heart when i read it again. That’s why today’s article will lists some positives that i have seen about the covid-19 condition in our country. I hope that this article produces some hope,motivation and positivity in these dark and helpless times of covid-19. I pray to God that everything in your life turns out to be positive except your RT-PCR test.

1. This second wave of covid-19 that is currently ravaging our country is slowly plateauing as today’s covid-19 positive cases were just 2,63,533 whereas just a few days back India was reporting more than 4,00,000 daily covid-19 positive cases and that too for many days. This clearly indicates that this deadly second wave of novel coronavirus has started loosing its steam and it’s just a matter of time when this wave will also get over like the first one.

2. The recovery rate of our country is increasing day by day as today India reported highest recoveries in a single day with 4,22,436 fresh recoveries today. When recoveries in a single day outnumber the daily positive cases then that means the worst has already happened and we are right now in the recovery mode,which is certainly good news.

3. There is going to be an abundant amount of vaccines in our country till december 2021 which will be enough to vaccinate every citizen of our country. It’s not a gut feeling,it’s what i heard in the news just a few days back. Dr. VK Paul,our country’s Covid-19 Task Force Head, said in a press conference that a whopping 216 Crore doses of vaccines like Covaxin,Covishield etc. of different companies like Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India will be available for the period of August to December. Till August,so many people of our country will receive vaccine and from August onwards till December, such a huge number of vaccines will be available for our fellow citizens. So, it’s a possibility that literally every citizen of our country will receive vaccine in 2021 itself. When every citizen of our country will receive vaccine dosage then we can live our normal pre pandemic lives that we used to live till 2019. I pray to God that we can live our lives to the fullest, meet our families and friends without hesitation and visit to Sri Badrika Ashram to meet Om Swami Ji and his kind disciples in 2022. So,come fast 2022 please.

4. All the rich and developed countries of the world be it America,France,Germany,England,Russia,Singapore etc. and also our neighbors,friends and allies in the whole world are donating and helping us with ventilators, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cryogenic tanks,medical aid,medical equipments, oxygen plants etc. Like we helped them when they were facing the worst of covid-19 in their countries last year,they are now helping us to combat our worst phase of this covid-19 pandemic. So,it’s a testament to what Swami Ji says ‘a kind act never gets wasted,it always comes back multiplied and helps us in our lowest phase’.

5. We are alive right now to read this article. We and our families are healthy,fit and well even during this covid-19 era when so many people are fighting this virus to survive and when so many unfortunate ones have succumbed to it. So,i think that we should be grateful to God for that.

My heart goes out to everyone who haveĀ  suffered from this virus or their loved ones has or worse,if they have lost someone due to this novel coronavirus. May God gives us the resilience,strength and patience to fight this deadly second wave of covid-19.

Thanks a lot for giving your precious time to read this article,i really appreciate it. I also want to express my gratitude to all the beautiful and lovely people of my family who takes out their time to write comments on my articles,i want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I have also added my email address in my bio,if you want to send me a personal message,i will try to answer you asap.

All glories to Swami Ji.

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