In the previous articles in this ‘novel coronavirus’ article series I have talked about contradictions of this covid era, some positive news about covid situation in India and also news about third wave of covid-19 which will come in October 2021 in our country. So In this article, I will write about what I am going to do in the coming days to save myself from this negativity that novel coronavirus pandemic has brought in my life.

1. I am going to limit my news intake as watching how many unfortunate people have died due to covid-19 or how many daily covid positive cases are increasing only creates panic, stress and helplesssness in my mind.

2. I will start doing yoga and increase my meditation on the Black Lotus App.

3. I will get myself vaccinated as soon as vaccine is available for all 18 plus citizens in my city.

4. I will start reading books in this partial lockdown, because I have a lot of time in my hand. So I think that I should invest it in the growth of my mind and intellect by reading good books.

5. I will start watching more videos of Om Swami Ji, start to listen to Swami Ji on audible suno and will spend more time on

I want to dedicate this ‘novel coronavirus’ article series to the healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, scientists and frontline workers for the selfless work that they are doing for us without thinking about their lives.


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