Nuisance Tenants.

I don’t know from where this lady came. One day I saw a message on my telegram, an anonymous account messaging me. Later I found she got my contact from one telegram group. From the very start I didn’t got good vibes from her, it was like she is just alone and messaging some random persons (that’s true).

She used to ask me general questions, how are you, what are you doing and all. She was trying to get some attention. When a girl on her own contacts you, being as an adult boy you must feel attracted and that urge to see her. But my case was not like this, I treated her politely and told her see lady, what you want why are you texting me. It feels just like a formality you are doing.

Then when I didn’t flirted with her, she said, Oh you are a nice person, no body talked to me like this before.Β 

She saved my account and I was able to see her face. Then few days back she shared her kundali with me and asked me to see what’s going on. I said I’m upadhyay that doesn’t means I know astrology. Things stopped.

Today morning I saw her message in my DM, I politely reply Good Morning, she said some people are teasing her, she was having some tenants and they are creating nuisance. I thought this could be a serious problem, I advised her contact nearby police station.

She replied:Β 

“I want to do ucchatan”

I laughed πŸ˜‚, I asked her kis se karwaogi Didi.

Tumhe lagta hai aisa sadhak ho jo achhe se kare or kar bhi diya to karma kaha le ke jayegaa.

She blocked me now.

Happy Ending.

(See what’s the mindset of people, they don’t want to approach executives of our country but they want maran, mohan, ucchatan.)

I request you all if you find such people please show some kindness to them and by Divine’s grace show them a good path.

Pic Credits:

Jai Sri Hari 🌼