Yeh shubh din aapko Bahut Bhahut mubarak ho Rev. Sri. Om Swami ji🙏🕉

Dua ke liyee haath upar uth rahein hain aur Dil mein sajdaa kar rahein hain🙏🕉 May each moment of your’s be Blessed with Sri. Maa’s Grace. Wishing you long, healthy and Blissful life🙏

Would like to share a profound bit of your journey which you shared with us in your soulful book If Truth Be Told…

Religion and religious rituals and practices do not get rid of the restive tendencies of the mind because it isn’t just about practising a ritual or Sadhna. What matters is how they are done, with what intent and sentiment they are performed. Above all, spiritual evolution requires hard work on the self, on one’s fears, patterns and conditioning.

Your Grace has brought me to the threshold, please open the door for me, don’t lock me out, don’t abandon me. In this holy place, in thy presence, I solemnly declare that your child won’t give up crying for you till you show up.’

They were not tears of pain, they were not tears of joy either; they were tears of love and surrender.

And you were Blessed with Divine Maa’s darshan with your Truth, Your Bhaav, your Saadhna .


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You further mentioned ..

It is said that some people’s words should not be taken lightly. The words of those who practise truth are like potent seeds in a fertile ground. They don’t go waste but manifest sooner or later.

And you emerged ‘O Devaa’ ‘O Bhaava’ as The Truth for us🌾🙏🕉

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In your Soulful words…

You many loose a thousand battles but you may still win the war.

It’s to win the Devasur Sangram, the five indriyas and hundred desires.

Life itself is Sri Krishna

But a being starts battling with his very life. Till the time we do not make friends with our very own life one will not experience happiness which is it’s core. We have to start communicating with our life

When we start to listen to and harmonise with our life, life too starts to listen and harmonise with us and all are struggles get over

Jeevit hi Jaagruthi hai

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Koti Koti Naman aapko🙏🍀Keep showering your Blessings abundant🙏💐

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Jai Sri Hari 🙏🕉

Siddhika Umesh