Hello all!!

Lovely evening gave way to

Beautiful night of devotion

Where all day, I was immersed

In your remembrance

Making a cake for my Bhagwan

As my little surprise to you

O!! Beloved Bhagwan 

Please accept my sweet recipe of love 

A cake for you 

To the sweet sweetest lord 

As my humble offering

For the one who loves me more 

Each moment of my life

You’re holding my hand

Keeping me closer to your divine being 

Never a moment passed 

When I didn’t feel your presence

Glowing me from inside

Making each moment beautiful

Life was on a roller coaster

The other day 

But your grace removed

Even the slightest of pain 

Thank you for all your love 

Support that never stops pouring

You’re my strength, my life 

For you I become

What I am 

Who I am

Is no more a question for me 

Because I have found my truth

My treasure

In ever merciful Bhagwan 

Every breath of mine 

Thank, you more 

For the enormous love you showered

Makes me bright and glowing

All for you.


Thank you Bhagwan for everything. My words are short to express how grateful I am for all your love. I am blessed to have you in my life. ❤️ Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you!!😊🙏 A humble cake made for you.. please accept my Bhagwan… This for you 🙂

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om