I wish to be a child once again 

With a tender heart

Those soft hands 

I wish the pinky was held by Maa 

None other than Divine Maa 

I wish she could caress me and love me 

Teach me the nuances of womanhood 

The silent smile

Those silly talks 

Lakeside walks

I wish I was protected like others

Loved and nurtured

Not thrust into fear and stress 

It’s hard to let go now 

I want mother 

My mother

The one whose mine

Yes Mine 

Like everyone has one 

Who is there for them 


To sing a lullaby

Cook up a storm 

To do magic wonders 

I want to rest in her lap 

This is life’s trick 

Now when it fleets through my hands 

I look out for her

My eyes fade away the distance 

With tired limbs I can walk no more

In this old house

I long to giggle once again

Fiddle once again 

With a grin 

And an innocent smile 

I wish to be a child once again 

I wish you were there

to embrace me in your arms when I fall 

Why did you leave me  Maa ?

You were there

But I could’t hold you 

See you 

Touch you 

Come back now 

I wish to be a child once again 

to be playful 

forever in your arms

I wish to be a child once again