O Krishna!

in this world which is a mirage

You are my only

true reality


Where else can I go

but come to You

assailed by my doubts

and imperfections


You alone are

my ultimate goal

my strength

my refuge


At Your lotus feet

I rest and am



In Bhagavad Gita verse 9.18, Lord Krishna mentions that He is the goal, the witness, the dearest friend, the master, the sustainer, the shelter and the abode.  He is the basis of everything and the origin and the end.  He is the resting place and the eternal seed.  Also in verse 9.11, He explains that some people cannot recognize His divinity when He descends in the human form.  They are deluded as they cannot accept Him as the transcendental Supreme Personality of Godhead.  In reality, He is the master of the world and the source of all creation, preservation and destruction. 

To the Supreme Lord Krishna, I offer my humble obeisances!

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