O Life!



When you don’t have much to say

You’ve seen what all life can offer

And you’re just sitting now


Pondering over the meaning of it all:

Birth, growing up, age, disease, decay

Love! Beauty! Mirth and Sorrow—

When you’ve seen it all 


What place have desires, expectations any?

When you realise everyone’s heart

Harbors the same hopes,

You realise your own place

And come at ease. 


At ease now. 

O Life! I’ve been lost in your alleys

Now straight to the highway

Lead me unto light. 


Dearest Life! 

I’ve made many mistakes

Have wasted many years

Forgive me for all my foolishness

I promise I’ll be wise now.


I know you are the great maze

And the great freedom too.

Lead me to the door now

I’ll follow your lead.


On your ship now.

Have cut all my ropes lately.

Lead me to the pathless land

Where all your ways meet.


At your behest now, O Life!

Lead me to the Light! 

Thank you.
Image Credit: Unsplash.