Just now I read Akshay Om ‘s latest post.

As I kept reading, the aha moment kept building its momentum.  I started to join the dots.  Akshay had written about 13th February, and that happens to be today.  Then he had written about our sitting in prayer / meditation at 7.00 a.m.  And it was around that time only that today I was up after so many mornings spent in bed till 8 a. m. or more.

Surprisingly, the time I sat for prayer also correspond to time Akshay had  chosen for group prayers in commemoration of the day of Swamiji’s Darshan of Maa. I may add here that I don’t take regular morning bath and also am unable to follow a disciplined nitya karma of sitting in front of altar, lighting a sacred Jyoti. My most lazy and unritualistic manner of meeting Almighty is decades’ old. Hence today also it was not different. I was sitting, without bath and without change of cloths. Am sorry for this😔.

And today only I found a very very soothing, slow recitation of Lalitasahastranama on Spotify – Alexa which came in my room just yesterday.

First time I could listen to each nama of Maa with an Om in the beginning and namah in the end.

Om Shri Matriai namah…

Om Shri Maharagjniai namah….

Om Shrimadsinghasaneshvariai namah….


The voice was soothing, and the one instrument light music playing along was just perfect to immerse someone in Maa’s namas. The time gap between two nama’s recitation was just enough to repeat  it mentally and adding shri matrai namah.  ( I have yet to memorise the lalitasahastranamavali).  All in all it was a total divine experience today for me during that time when many of you must also be absorbed in prayers. (Please try to listen to it, if you get a chance)

Isn’t it an amazing experience!!!! Hari bol!!!!!!!

I failed to plan, so HE planned it for me. HE made me get up, HE arranged an Alexa in my room the previous day. HE chose the best version of chants. And HE only showered inside my heart, HIS divine nectar during that time period.  Prasadam.


तेरी लीला का न पाया कोई पार

लीला तेरी तू ही जाने…..