O Mind!



O Mind, you don’t listen.

You don’t care what I want.

What is my heart’s wish.

You do what you please,

Go where you want to go,

You are your own boss. 


Very well then, 

I’ll do what I like,

I’ll pray, I’ll chant, I’ll meditate.

I won’t listen to you either.


No, I’m not against you.

You are a good fellow. 

It’s just that your desires 

And mine

Don’t match.

Our live-in isn’t working.

No, I’m not breaking off

Nor rejecting you.

Just settling our priorities

For once and all.


Do what you like.

Be what you want to be.

We are travellers of different journey.

I hope you don’t mind. 


O Mind, I’ve loved you, and you too.

I have no grudges against you. 

But you know, it’s about space:

So that you don’t choke me, I…you.

…we can breathe.


If someday our journeys meet, 

I’ll hold you in my arms.

Will you hold me too? 


Thank You.
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