Sometime I try to not love you.

Sometime I try to not think about you.

Sometime I try to live without you.

Because I don’t want to cry for anyone. 

Because I don’t want to hurt my heart for someone again.

Because I don’t want to miss anyone.

But I know very well,that deep in my heart there is a heartiest request which I have made to you earlier and I do daily, there is a silent prayer of a heart ❤️,

That whatever I say or do,

Please don’t listen my mind.

You are almighty, everything is in your hand.

Do what you want with my life,but keep me always in your refuge,

Keep me always at your feet.

Never let me go. Never leave me .

And I also remember your promise too swami that “we are not alone,you are here only for us . We can count on you 😊.”

You know swami, somehow I have learnt to live alone,to not complaint,to not feel so sad if someone wants to go. I simply let them go.

I feel this indifferent feeling for you sometimes,then I struggle to understand what’s happening and then remind my mind that this is transient feeling and this will pass soon.

So, I was thinking what to do now,then I picked  Om swami-as we know him book to read.

When Swami’s books and blogs don’t want me to read them, or even sometimes discourses too😔,then I simply pick sadhviji’s books😊.

Thank you so much dear sadhviji ❤️for writing these precious books for us .I love you so much. Your books become only sahara for me at times like that.

And this time again she saved me .

I just read this first poem she has written for you in front page. It’s so so beautiful ❤️. Full of love and devotion. And her lines filled my heart with love and gratitude for         you swami🙏 again. Thank you so much ❤️. 

So, O moon faced lord of mine,

Here is the poem (written by our dearest sadhviji )for you:-

If they could peep inside a moment of my life,

They would find only you.

Flowing like water from one moment to another.

Separate to the world,

You are the beautiful moon,

I am a bird ordinary.

In the dark you dazzle.

The sky turns a mid night blue.

Little more than a silhouette I call out to you.

In grace you have bestowed,

A magic so sweet.

That a bird may bring the moon to its knees.

Such is your splendour.

Your glory. Your grace.

O moon faced lord,

May this bird remain forever bowed.



Thank you so much dear sadhviji ❤️.

Thank you so much swami for everything.🙏❤️

Lots of love ,

And gratitude🙏🙏🙏 to you.

Accept my humble pranam lord.🙏❤️.

Swamiji did you notice my English? And I haven’t use Google for any word or sentence today. 😀😀


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