O Mother, where are you?
Can’t you see your child
Being tossed about in the ocean
By a storm so wild

She has no control over her boat
As it goes round and round
The sails are all torn
And the anchor is gone

There is no land in sight
In this dark dark night
As the rain lashes down
And lighting flashes by

There is no one around
Except the wind howling aloud
Even the moon and stars
Are hiding behind the clouds

The waves towering high
Drench her down to the bone
Will she drown?
Her heart cries aloud

O Mother, please give your hand
So that I may cling
To your little finger so tight
Let the storm rage on
Let the waves drench me
But if I hold your little finger
There is no fear in me
O Mother, where are You?
O dear Mother, please find me …