Sunrise is ur face,  sunset is your blessings. 

You shower your love like an  Ozymandias in the world.  

Let me believe in your wordings and what you said. 

Hold my hand, and make me stand.  

I am the child who cried every time 

in the struggles of life .

I am fed up with all the crimes prevailing in the world.  

Why are we stressed ?

When we have god’s blessings 

Hold my hand,  and make me stand 

Do something my lord , we are living in a dramatic world.  

People use your name to get fame , 

the fame they gain will never remain.

 Some People blame  and just blame .

They don’t know the meaning of your words and what you have explained

 They don’t know power in my lord who’s present everywhere .

Hold my hand,  and make me 


You are the Guru i am your shishya  take me to the right path .

I want to become your little heart. 

 Author – Luv Sarpal