Who am I without you?

Who am I without the love you shower

upon my dry soul?

Who am I without the world you make

for me to smile and bloom?

Who am I without the healing you do

for my wounded heart?

Who am I, Swami?


I am no one

No one who needs

nothing from the world

Just a sweet sleep in your lap

on a cold winter’s night

When the world shuns her down

and her limbs go numb

Just a gentle pat on the forehead

Just a loving peck on the cheeks


I am just a lonely bird if not for your

sky clouds and winds

I am just a heartbroken orphan who has

nowhere to go if not for your abode


Please Swami please

Stay in my heart

It is scared but strong

I’ll strive to keep it pure

For you to feel loved

For you to feel you’re home

And when you’re in my heart

I am home too