observe the graceful way it’s coaxed,

blending surreptiously in the psyche,

how trifling, yet pivotal it is,

because those stigmatised,

briskly faded-is their plea




fatale it is, of course- in addition to the femme before,

what I put forward seems obscure,

oh my, well!  you do it everyday,

you stigmatise- you feel it?

nay, how would you do? you don’t endure.

not another stigma.


I keep writing stigma, stigma, stigma… *repeat* 

This is not so much as the number of times a person is reminded of one ‘stamped’ on them. Thwarting any ray of hope of getting rid of this stamp, stigma emerges like a wicked woman reminding everyone of the blemishes in their personalities and how these imperfections shall persist. 

Then who? Who shall stop this?

It can be you! Let’s stop judging and spreading love about. 

Jai Shri Hari💕