• Free PDF available for download….seeing these words on my screen ,while searching for a book and I would immediately click on it and be very happy ..!!  especially when it happened to be an author whose books I admired!! one more free book to read!!
  • Until one day Icame across swamijis words where in he mentioned that downloading content ( illegally) was like eating a meal in a restaurant and not paying the bill!!   &  I  wondered how come,  I had never looked at it that way..
  • Is it that the word free  PDF makes it sound less of a crime as compared to “Pirated Book “….I wonder ??
  • It got me thinking of the immense efforts of many people other than the author  that goes into writing a book,coupled with the  huge financial losses incurred by them
  • The more I thought about it ,the more stronger my resolve of never ever to download content illegally or buy pirated copies.

As for the ones that I had already download…..I have purchased the original  copies ( through legal tender 😀) and yes they make good gifts too!!!