Of Love and Meanings


I don’t know if you have ever loved anyone truly, but if you have, then you’d know love has no meaning! Love has actually no purpose! Love is just the sheer ecstasy of union!

Only a fearful heart wants a meaning. What is meaning for, ultimately? Meaning gives us a sense of certainty, no? And with certainty, you feel secured. That’s our habit. 

But, by our very nature, we are meaning-hunters. We can’t live without meaning. But you know what, the funny thing is, all the beautiful and grandest things in life have no meaning. To live without meaning is a different level of intelligence altogether. But unless you know total abandon of the self, you cannot taste the sweetness of life, the beauty of love, the majesty of existence!

Well, these are lofty talks—I know. Am I in such complete abandon? Not yet. But, as the fragrance of the flowers attract bees, I’ve also tasted some tinge of the sweetness that I am describing. My nose knows there is a reservoir of uncontaminated sweetness. I just don’t know how to access it. 

Perhaps you too, at some point in your life, have tasted a sweetness which is out of this world. The mild fragrance of which, sometimes unexpectedly, melts us like candles. And if you have been in love, doesn’t matter with whom or whatever, you might have been fortunate enough to smell a bit of this sweetness; perhaps, even tasted some. 

Well, as there is really no meaning in life, even so with this article. It has no meaning either. Just some sweetness to share. I pray you taste the sweetness of love! 

Thank you.
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