I come with a million worries,
And then look at you,
Hundreds of you as far my vision,
Spread throughout my terrace.

As the cool breeze moves,
You dance with your million leaves,
Making me aware of the present,
And as the river washes the shore,
Your dance with breeze,
washes my minds slate,
Making it free and empty,
Of this and that.

And then you dance along I,
New and fresh getting by,
Every moment I die,
And new of me comes alive.

Time floats by and by,
But you don’t bore as water don’t dry,
Only bliss and no cry,
Enjoy thy beauty or get fry.



Ps: This poem is dedicated to my Zen practice which I started in March to come to my terrace every morning and evening and spend some time in nature’s lap and simply walk, sit and enjoy the time. The timing turned out worthwhile as in the pandemic period the condition of my city’s environment went through a lot of positive change and a lot of migratory birds and other birds which I never encountered before started visiting my neighborhood. I will also try to dedicate a poem to the birds soon. And yeah, I also witnessed 4-5 rainbows this year which didn’t occur in my city for 5-6 years.

Pss: I just wrote the above sentence (which contains truth) to make the word limit reach 150 to post this poem.😁


Photo byΒ Mauricio ArtiedaΒ fromΒ Pexels