This poem was written by me when I could not find my inner beauty. It does not imply the outer beauty but the gifts given to us by almighty in the form of values which I consider to be beauty in its truest sense. So whenever I feel lost I read this poem as a reminder that my God is beautiful, so why we, his children, would not be beautiful. It is just that sometimes dark clouds come our way and we forget to look within…so this poem is for all those who think that they are not beautiful physically or mentally.

Oh! Beautiful

My darling you are beautiful,

You are whole, all alone,

You are beautiful,oh beautiful.

 Doubting yourself is so mean,

No matter through what you have been.

Do you think God can make anything less than a masterpiece?! 

Just clean up this grossy grease!

And go see in the mirror,

Everything will be crystal clear.

Go! Figure everything out and heal your every crack,

Soon you’ll discover,I tell you, there will be a beautiful mosaic.

You are no less, no less I say, 

To the girl in the mirror,I say!

You are beautiful, oh beautiful.