Kids are the purest form of humans, but most often they have the questions only a few can answer. 

Here a kid is asking many questions to his God :-



Oh, God! Please answer me this time

How to tell you that I’m not fine

I have a long list of questions to ask 

Don’t go anywhere, you have to complete this task


Why I’m ugly and dark?

Why he is always in spark?

Why I’m always craving for money?

Why he is always having both hands in honey?


I lost her even when loved her bottom of the heart

What was the mistake so we fall apart?

What did he do differently to find her soulmate?

What is something from which I was always late?


Why did you take away my parents at an early age?

Am I the only one left to suffer all this damage?

Will you still keep silent as you always do?

Or today is there anything that can say you?

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