Some flowers wither away at noon

But the fragrance remain

Some moments pass away too soon

But their memories remain.


Some feelings linger for long

                Like dark clouds, torrential rain

Some thoughts persist like a song

                They play over and over again.


Some pains never go away

                They remain buried like a seed,

To grow into a forest of agony

                They make the hearts bleed.


Some minds are so lonely

                Even with the sea of people around

To convey or express a thought

                They strive to cover a lot of ground.


Some hearts are so barren

                Where no flower dares to grow

Like a desert with sand-storms

                They endure each of life’s blow.


Some birdies are meant to spend

                In cage their entire sojourn

To dream of flight and the sky

                And long for freedom unknown .


Oh life, I fail to fathom

                Your depth, your mysteries obscure

At times the hope soars high

                At times, it dives down unsure.


P.S.: All pains and agonies and tears and fears

O life, these gifts I can accept with delight

Just grant me a moment in Swami’s thoughts

In exchange for all my plight

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