Oh Mind!
The ocean is jealous of you
So turbulent
Oh so tumultuous you are!
Your tide swings from low to high within a moment
Unruly as ever,
How the ocean envies you, oh mind!
It roars at times but it ain’t you!

So fierce, yet so beautiful you are!
The sound of your silence 
And the sound of your blissful tides!
No less than the serenity of real waves crashing at the shore

Oh Mind, be a lagoon, will you?
Soft, gentle, bringing solace to the torn and tired.
Will you, oh mind?!
Calm down at times, will you?
Your stories can remain unheard
Because your silence tells the most beautiful story.
Let me rejoice in the beauty you have to offer

Mind oh Mind!
Together we will cross oceans, planets and universes
Oh heck! Dear mind, we will even go beyond time and space.
All we need is the song of silence
Because in that song, our dance will thrill all.
Our bliss will drip on our trip
Towards the infinite possibilities awaiting us,
You and I 
You and I, as one.

Oh Mind! Be mine, will you?

Note: Today I felt like sharing my thoughts in the form of a poem. Anyone with a mind can relate perhaps!:D Let’s befriend our mind, because it can be a beautiful phenomenon:)