This is so beautiful,

This moment,

when we are lost,

lost in the music,

in our thoughts

Have a lot in heart,

but unable to express,

and you are taking me deeper into those.

Oh, my dear music,

Where I never reached,

you are taking me there,

I don’t know-how,

but you are magic.

How can you do this?

Oh music, How can you open that door,

which I never knew existed,

You are getting too much into my heart,

and showing me that which I never even saw,

Oh, my dear music,

You are so much powerful,

Ahan, I never heard what I am hearing now,

That smile  you are bringing on my face,

oh my god, how I can shy in front of you,

Who are you?

Oh, my dear music,

You understand me,

understands my emotions so well,

and I can feel that,

I can feel that through you,

with your every beat.

Oh, my dear music,

Thank you for creating a beautiful world,

Thank you for helping me let my emotions out,

Thank you for these beautiful feelings,

Thank you for helping me in reliving my favorite moments through you.

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om 


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