With you, my childhood will return. I would enjoy the things that i missed in my childhood. Oh my dear, you will show me, how to live in this world with innocence, Humour and clean heart.

“You laugh at your own mistakes, this is the way Dad to live in this world. Why are you stressed at your work, just see me Dad, how full of life I am? When you are at work, just laugh at your mistakes and help the piglet and Eeyore, it will make them happy and cheer . This will make your work as play. I always play Dad, I never work. If nothing helps, just remember my face and your heart will melt for sure! Run like me, fall like me, laugh like me, be free of worry like me. Don’t be worried of money Dad, eventually everything will fall in place. That was heavy for me too Dad, don’t know where it came from.”

“ Sometimes you are piglet, sometimes Tigger, Someday you are Eeyore, Rabbit and Owl. But  don’t worry, I will always be there, because you are my Christopher Robin and I am your bear. We will be best friends forever.”

“ I am  Winnie the pooh in your life Dad!!! Don’t you see? It is obvious, I am that!”