Oh Krishna! YOU are showing me different shades of LOVE
When I was unaware, I felt possession was LOVE
A time came when I felt obsession was LOVE
Obsession came in so many shades
Jealousy, Anger, Anxiety even Hatred were it’s pals
And I thought it was great to carry these lads
Then YOU came in a form
Somewhere the first learning was, Give in LOVE
Think about the other before thinking about yourself
I was trying to gulp that dose
But YOU whispered “This is not LOVE”
I looked at YOU with puzzled eyes
And asked YOU “Tell me what is LOVE, my LOVE?”
YOU just looked at me LOVINGLY
And I started getting glimpse of it
LOVE is what YOU are doing to me
Even if I cry too much in pain
YOU alone knows there will be rainbow after this rain
It’s not about Giving LOVE, it’s about becoming LOVE
Feeling that LOVE in every particle
And knowing that the particle is not different than YOU
And YOU are not different than me….