YOU are always there standing by me silently
Even though I tried to leave YOU
YOU never let it happen
YOU let me feel as if I have outgrown YOU
YOU were watching like a mother
and I am YOUR child tried to play Hide and Seek with YOU
But YOU alone knew where I was hiding
And YOU were smiling at that foolish act of mine
YOU let me go everywhere
And again slowly made me all YOURS
The relation we share is the most sacred one
Oh Sai! YOU got this naughty child back to YOU again
YOUR love for me, make my tears flow
YOU becoming my world again, only YOU and I know
Forgive me oh Baba! Don’t ever leave me ever
Let me sleep on YOUR laps like I always done as a child
I have fought with YOU, got angry on YOU
Tried to leave YOU
But I was always on YOUR laps and YOU were always singing lullabies for me
Let me be there forever….