Oh, Thy Beautiful Lotus Feet!


Watching my aimless future, I stood on the side,

with my life uncarved before me,

waiting for a fine miracle or, for God’s command,

I waited long, indeed very long…

for there was nothing that I had planned!

Finally, my prayer was answered…


Dressed in pure ochre robe,

You are the sculptor of my life,

chiseling my destiny with care,

your eyes lit up with a smile of joy.

Swamiji, you are the creator of my life

I want to be at your feet..

Oh, Thy Beautiful Lotus Feet!


Shaping my life, you gifted me the wealth of your Divine name.

My merciful guru, you gave me a new life,

with your grace alone, I accepted it with a smile,

That’s the solace that I have found after several births;

and happy to have lost the rest of the world.

Swamiji, you gave soul to this life..

I want to be at your feet..

Oh, Thy Lovely Holy Feet!


How to express my gratitude, my revered Master!

to my anchor, dependable and most truthful,

to my constant source of hope..

Let me start from touching thy Divine feet..

soft as pink rose petals,

as tender as a toddler’s skin,  

and as fresh as white mist,

vibrating with the liveliness of love..

Swamiji, you are the center of my world…

I want to be at your feet..

Oh, Thy Most Divine Feet!


All Glories to our most revered Swamiji!🙏

Sri Hari Bhagawan ki Jai !!🙏 



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