After a long time, there was an old friend reunion at the beach. So much fun, togetherness and laughter were in the air. So many games and unending talks. Awesome….

Suddenly Johnn has an idea of a fun game of making pairs. One partner will hold the other in his lap like a baby and return after reaching a particular point. But that pair will be out of the game if they topple and fell down. First, go Rita and Rakesh, oh my Gosh, Rita was heavy to pick up and move on. But boy, Rakesh made it. He successfully picked up Rita and started. Only after a few steps, Rakesh and Rita lost balance. Both were in giggles. And all the cheers for boosting ended in laughter. Then  Mona and Timmy make the pair. We all were like….. Go, Go and make it. Endless cheers and claps. The old rivals of college times were coming together. I thought Mona is definitely going to be in the water. And it may not be fun, I suspect. With ease and smilingly, Timmy picks up Mona in his lap. Yeah, I don’t see any hard feelings. It seemed all the conflicts and jealousy to supersede is losing its strength. They were not seeming to be old enemies at all as in those high-air youth days. Small steps together were making their hearts together. All eyes were fixed on them.  Yes, they made it. And with our cheers, they also topple and find themselves in water.

I really enjoyed that laughter and the feeling of liveliness. I  wish these times can come again and again. These are the moments which fill us with easiness and laughter. All the anxieties disappear and a feeling of completeness follows.