Watering the plants is therapeutic so is sitting idle. But what made it change? Why staying busy all the time is the new norm? Why being called busy in vogue? If, for instance, I tell someone that I have a lot of time on my hands, their hearts pop out of their eyes. Is this shocking that time is manageable? Or is this shocking that more noise and less work makes Jack a popular boy? Managing time is a desire for some, for others a matter of ignorance. And they believe ignorance is bliss.

My daadi mumma shared her golden rule for living a peaceful and contented life, which was:

Early to bed,
Early to rise.
Makes a man
healthy, wealthy and wise.


A classic thing to say but it does sound way too monotonous. Don’t you agree with me on this?!

I used to wake up before sunrise just like my family as early as I remember. Every day was a different experience. Sometimes beautiful, at other times quaint but never the same. Times passed. Soon I was an adolescent who wanted her own ways to live her life just like any teenager. It was hardly ever my choice to wake up early during this phase. The reason was peer pressure. Although it was a fad but I followed it religiously to the core:

Sleep late,
Wake-up later.
Make bitter things better.

But instead this is how it turned out to be:

Sleep late,
Wake-up later.
Make better things bitter.

Fortunately, I realised that I was treading the wrong path. I could not focus on anything. Low grades, less concentration, mood swings, tired, sleepy and always ready to pounce on anyone out of irritation. I learnt my lesson. Fad’s a fad no matter how much impact does it make. Ever since, I made it a point to wake up as early as possible. I started waking up around 4am. Sometimes 5am. At others 5:30am. And that is how I grabbed a golden opportunity to work at an institute from 7am to 9am after completing my graduation. Due to the morning schedule, I was able to work and study simultaneously.

Immediately after being post-graduated, I received an offer to work as an Associate Professor at a university. But I had to travel to and fro and it kind of took a heavy toll on me. I was, I am and will always be grateful to my family for their non-stop words of encouragement and never-ending support owing to which I crossed all the hurdles I faced. I was able to complete another 1 year program while working from at a university. 12 hours straight and I never felt stressed because of my habit of waking up early and sleeping on time.

In 2019, I got married. Scenarios flipped. Routine changed so did my life. I went through roller coaster of emotions and transformations. Many habits changed but out of many, my one habit still stayed the same. Waking up early. Although my normal day starts around 09:30am, but I wake up at 05:30am sharp. Girl got to do things. I read, write, chant, let my thinking horses take a free ride, watch the sun rise, walk on the terrace, water the plants, talk to plants and birds( sounds weird and foolish but they revert, they really do), make plans, study and try to learn something or the other.

Trust me, waking up is a music to my ears. Try it once, not really once, but like for a week continuously. You will the difference. It is therapy. I have seen the memes wherein the parents scold their children for waking up late, stating this the one and only reason behind their failures. They are right-the parents.
Challenge yourself to wake up before sunrise for a week. You will find glow inside out. You will feel on the top of the world. Water plants in the balcony. Don’t have any, no issues. Read a book. Hate reading? No biggie. Login to Sadhna app, chant as long as you can. Want to sleep again? Pick up your diary and a pen-write what would you like to dream about? Prioritize. I promise you will be addicted to sunrise and your morning routine. And once you are, you will be healthy, wealthy and wise.