Old thoughts revived 2

Today I wrote this ☝️when am 55, a supposedly mature mind.

The gist is that one need to express what one feels, if one wants to remain sane.

When I was 20 years old then also my mind was more or less on the similar pattern. I share below an example.

Old thoughts revived 3

The gist of it is again same, i.e., one must express what one feels.

Does that mean that all these 35 years in between couldn’t change my basic core?🤔. I don’t know. But am trying to find the answers.

My stories (posts) are half seen, half hidden.  While you are still living these stories, a danger remains that they may hurt the real characters. Just to maintain my sanity and mental health, I can’t take this risk of unveiling everything going on in and around me. At the same time, I can’t suppress the feelings totally. Hence this balanced approach. Although spiritual thoughts always encourage us to tolerate, to adjust, to change self, yet, spirituality is NOT so easy to imbibe, after all. I feel myself to be a vessel full of flaws. Its a known fact that  dirtier the vessel, more efforts, more cleanser it takes to make it clean and shine.

So am trying to walk the mid path, i. e.,  expressing but with restraint.  Also, am no Amrita pritam or Taslima Nasrin  in making😄😄. I don’t aspire to be a good writer. My clear cut one and only priority is family’s well being, including my own. 

If Someone from osme family could gather something from my today’s blabbering, then please share your thoughts. It would be helpful to me.  Need I see some psychologist, I wonder. Or mere trying my hand at ‘writing’ stories would help me maintain my sanity.

Don’t hesitate or forget to share few words.  Your words would be like  flowers. And I just don’t mind the beautiful flowers with thorns attached since that’s their natural form. And only natural can give fragrance. 😊😊😊😊

Jai Shri hari 🌹

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