Oh mother I am pure, your child, and I am back to you with the help of your angel, your rays turned in human form.

The world will show its colours but only the guru will be pure white, he is above all.

And only he will be humble to hold me true.

Nothing means anything now,

now guru has surrendered to me and I can surrender myself to everything, every pain, every bad behavior, every man, every woman.

Everything only flows now.

Now guru has acknowledged my existence.

Nothing matters now, other than his words and his love.

Every pain was worth it because it lead me to knock on the door of my guru, even bang in hurt.

I wanted nothing else but guru.

He who has healed me from every bad touch, he who has made it worth living again, he who has washed me completely.

Mother now when I’ll call your name,

I won’t cry out of the desire to take me away,

but to express my gratitude that you have made me for this love of my guru. 

Mother, nothing matters now.

Guru has said it all,

Mother now he has also cleared my path to follow all the way to you and him.

So, nothing matters now.

Mother through him, I felt you.

So, nothing matters now.

Because he has given me all th

at I was missing.

Mother nothing matters now cause I am complete.


Om guruve namah 2

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