namaskaram Swamigaru,

Om–pranavam, first sound –  GOD SHIVA, Himself was taught/  explained/ disussed by his son SUBRAMAYA SWAMI at Swamimalai, near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. As this is my first one and its karthik month, i am tracing to source of origin of month, in way creation , Srishti -krittika. i have begun too. i also incidentally visited the temple in the past. very devotional .so this month in all brings together, HARI- HARA with karthikeya.

there is Hari-Hareshwara temple in Hari-Har, Davangere, Karnataka. i had visited the temple during my teens. i do not remember much, but definitely architecture of the temple is magnificent on the banks of river tungabadra.

wish all, as river name comes in advance tungabadra pushkaralu commencing on 20th nov

thanku  Swamigaru for inspiring me(watching your videos) . the one in which you described DEVI darshanam. i was in tears.

jai karthikeya

Om namo Damodaraya

Om namah Sivaya.