Am I obsessed with Swami ji?  – you bet I am. But you know why this obsession? Is it only because he is a religious Guru? The answer is no. Then what the hullabaloo with him is all about? Read on to find out.

Swami ji has immensely contributed to my path to Self Discovery. Did he whisper some mantra into my ears and helped me on my path? The answer is no. Did he physically tell me ‘Mahamaya you ought to do this’. The answer is a mix of a yes and a no. No because I received answers from him metaphysically through my intuition before I met him and yes because physically he guided me too. 

My journey towards Self Discovery took place through immense pain and alot of trials and tribulations. I remember I had gone out for one of my evening walks (to be honest, my evening walks are mostly my night walks), I went to a nearby Shirdi Sai Baba temple (where I usually bowed my head everyday) and cried. I howled more than I cried. I sat on the stairs and pointed fingers at him as also accused him of not helping me heal from pain. I was getting hurt from everywhere. I vividly remember telling him that I prayed to him before taking important decisions and he misled me. How foolish I was? I could hardly understand the fact that everything is a result of my Sanchita and Prarabdh Karma. What you sow, so shall you reap. I told him that as much as I loved him and a lot of other Saints (none are in their physical body anymore) but are present in the cosmos in their subtle body and guiding other Sadhaks in their journey, I wanted a physical guru to guide me. I left after saying this. 

During the said time, it must be a few months before or after the above incident, that I got to know of our beloved Swami ji. I fell in love with Swami ji completely, truly in every sense of the term. 

That’s where the journey began. I have been doing japa from my very childhood. I have participated in various Yagnas all my life though physically I did it only after I came under the umbrella of Swami ji.  I have done Abhishekams very many times as well.  Though there have been period of long breaks in between as well. All in all, I have always been associated with Hindu spiritual practices all throughout my life. Now, then why were the changes and transformations not happening? Why did Om Swami have to come to my life to rescue this damsel in distress? That’s because I had only focused on religion but not on spirituality. Swami ji, the enlightened master helped me understand the difference between the two. 

Those trials and tribulations, took all emotions out of my system. Only when it was empty, was I able to find my Master. From ego to anger and from pain to attachment – all got drained out. Once I met Swami ji, I felt all the Siddha Gurus who I prayed to knew that their daughter needed guidance and help from a Guru in the human form and connected me to Swami ji. 

Swami Ji’s writings and discourses have some magic in it. Is it his tapas? Is it his Sadhana? Is it the blessings from the lineage that Swami ji belongs to? Is it all of the above and more? I am not sure but I’d like to think it’s all of the above and more. 

You know what is the most fascinating aspect of being under Swami ji’s umbrella? It is knowing that your Master is busy but you never miss him. Ask me why. That is because he never leaves your side. I think of him when I get up in the morning, when I go to sleep, when I take bath. So tell me – when does he leave me? He knows his daughter is trying. Why would he leave my hand or my mind or my heart for that matter? Swami ji if you are reading post, please know that this daughter of yours is on her journey to inculcating and imbibing knowledge from your enlightened self. It’s a journey of self purification. I have one request only – just be there and guide me. 

You are my everything. My mother. My father. My sibling. My isht. I am all yours. Mould me the way I ought to be. I know I have your blessings and I love you from the deepest recess of my heart. Please accept my pranam at your holy lotus feet. 

My love and gratitude to all of you,