THE OM SWAMI ARCHIVES 1: This post was originally published by Swamiji on Nov 09, 2013. Sharing this as the first part of OS ARCHIVES on the occasion of Shri Hari Annual Celebrations. In This post, Swamiji wrote on the reason behind his decision of installing the temple in the ashram. To know more about the Om Swami Archives visit HERE.

I’ve spent a significant portion of my life invoking various mantras and vidyas (esoteric sciences). I have not yet found a suitable recipient who could receive at least some of them and work towards the benefit of other living beings. At the same time, I recognize that it’s not prudent to keep waiting for the right recipient, and that, I must let Nature play its role in the decision making. Therefore, I’ve decided to infuse various tantric and Vedic vidyas I possess in an idol.

Just like I got all that I have from the various forces in Nature, sincere seekers in the future will receive it through the idol. It’ll eliminate the need for me to seek someone or for anyone to be a disciple before they can receive the instructions. Considering this, after much thought, I’ve decided to install Sri Hari in the temple at the ashram. Of course, if/when I come across any befitting recipient, I’ll gladly do a direct transfer as well.

The idol will be a live-size idol of Lord Vishnu carved in black granite. In this, we’ll worship both the feminine and masculine principles of the Cosmic Consciousness. Over a period of time, one-by-one, I’ll transfer all of my jagrata (invoked) vidyas in the murti so it becomes a kalpataru (wish fulfilling tree) helping countless seekers in the years to come.

As you may know, the Ashram Trust has not raised even a single penny till date because come what may, this will never be a commercial enterprise. But many have indicated to me in the past to be a part of the ashram in some way. As soon as I shared my plans of installing the idol, anyone who heard wanted to be a part of this. I thought at least everyone deserved the opportunity to know about it. I invite you to be a part of this divine initiative as per your devotion and convenience.

With our own limited resources, we have already near-completed the temple-cum-meditation hall. The funds raised will be used for sourcing the deity, readying the garbha-griha (for housing the deity), installation ceremony and completing the temple. Any surplus will be used for basic ashram development. The first twenty donors/pledgers will be yajmana (instituters) in the deity installation ceremony. If you wish to be the pradhana (chief) yajmana for the deity installation, you can drop me a line for the requirements.

Important notes:

1. The Ashram Trust will accept contributions starting now through to Dec 31, 2013.

2. Your donations are not tax deductible since the ashram Trust is not registered for the same.

3. I’ve taken a lifetime vow of not accepting any material/monetary gifts for any of my personal needs. Anything you donate will only go towards the temple/ashram project and none towards any of my own and my two disciples’ expenses (Bhramachari ji and Swami Vidyananda ji).

4. The yajmana spots will be allocated on first-come-first-serve basis.

5. I’ll disclose the name of the chief yajmana in the first week of January if anyone takes that spot.

6. The ashram is administered and operated by a Trust, Sri Badrika Ashram.