Just the other day, when I was watching Swamiji’s youtube videos, among them one video stood odd. It was this one :

I saw in the description saying, “Showcased at The Red Dot Miami 2018 by 11 [HellHeaven] Rome, Italy. “. And from there on my search for more about this started which eventually ended up as being up the post which currently writing.

This piece of creativity is created by Bansri Chavda, and her main purpose being for this creation is, in her own words :

“I want people to understand what they are seeing, and hence I have made this video. Its a spiritual seed, a mantra. Thats the place where Divine Mother resides.” ~ Bansri Chavda

For those who don’t recognize her, she is the same artist who drew these paintings :

The book of faith

Om swami

And the painting for which this piece of the creation is done is this one :

Spiritual red
Spiritual red

This painting was featured in the “11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery” and winner of the BEST INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITOR 2018 Award.

And now back to the Sri Vidyam, we all know it is Swamiji’s invocation to the mother divine, quoting Bansri :

This verse is recited by my guru,
Om Swami, he is a Himalayan mystic and author,
His discourses start with this ancient mantra,
where he announces arrival of mother divine,
Her virtues, her form, her magnificence!
~ Basri

Now, one version of the translation of the verses you can see right in the video above, here is another a different translation by Ramesh Krishnakumar from this video :

śrīvidyāṃ śivavāmabhāganilayāṃ hrīṅkāramantrojjvalāṃ
श्रीविद्यां शिववामभागनिलयां ह्रीङ्कारमन्त्रोज्ज्वलां
… (I bow to ) Srividya who is situated on the left side of Shiva.. the radiating sacred mantra Hareen ….

śrīcakrāṅkitabindumadhyavasatiṃ śrīmatsabhānāyikām ।
श्रीचक्राङ्कितबिन्दुमध्यवसतिं श्रीमत्सभानायिकाम् ।
… who resides at the centre point of the Sri Chakra….the presiding deity of the court ( of Lord Shiva)

śrīmatṣaṇmukhavighnarājajananīṃ śrīmajjaganmohinīṃ ।
श्रीमत्षण्मुखविघ्नराजजननीं श्रीमज्जगन्मोहिनीं ।
… the goddess who cause the birth of Shanmuka (Kartekeya/Muruga) and Ganesha.. the enchamter of the entire universe…

mīnākṣīṃ praṇato’smi santatamahaṃ kāruṇyavārāṃnidhim ।।
मीनाक्षीं प्रणतोऽस्मि सन्ततमहं कारुण्यवारांनिधिम् ।।
I bow down to Goddess Meenakshi the treasure house and eternal giver of compassion

sindūrāruṇa vigrahāṃ trinayanāṃ māṇikya mauli sphurat
सिन्दूरारुण विग्रहां त्रिनयनां माणिक्य मौलि स्फुरत्
..the Goddess whose form is like the vermillion dawn…who has three eyes…whose jewelled crown shining bright….

tārānāyaka śekarāṃ smitamukhīṃ āpīna vakṣoruhām
तारानायक शेकरां स्मितमुखीं आपीन वक्षोरुहाम् ।
….the star that rules the moon…who has a smiling face… rounded bosoms…

pāṇibhyāṃ alipūrṇa ratna chaṣakam raktotpalam bibhratīṃ
पाणिभ्यां अलिपूर्ण रत्न चषकम् रक्तोत्पलम् बिभ्रतीं
.. whose hands hold a cup filled with jewels…who is the symbol of protection

saumyāṃ ratna ghaṭastha rakta caraṇāṃ dhyāyetparāmambikām
सौम्यां रत्न घटस्थ रक्त चरणां ध्यायेत्परामम्बिकाम् ॥
… the gentle jewel situated at the Lord’s feet…I meditate on the Supreme Ambika…

You can listen to Swamiji, chanting these divine verses here : 

Sources : 



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