OS ARCHIVES – as the name suggests will be a series of various posts where I will share with you the “online” journey of Om Swami. Yes, the online part of the journey, from the beginning after Swamiji’s return from the Himalayas in 2011 and starting a personal blog and YouTube channel- I mean the third YouTube channel. Yes, even before “Om Swami” channel came on Dec 7, 2011, he already had 2 channels before whose password he forgot (just kidding).

Well here are the 2 channels which came befor—-well, well, well: If you already know good, or don’t be in a hurry to know, as I will share not just the link to the 2 channels but also will share the entire YouTube milestone of all the five channels: 1. badrikaashram 2. omswami 3. Om Swami 4. Black Lotus 5. osdotme. And I also wanna say that- ooh! oops! I shared the links here only:) Ok, no mention, and also share with you the journey of around 10 websites related to him naming: 1.omswami blog 2.omswami organization 3. Fan Club! 4. Daily Inspiration 5. ww.i-am-mindful-this-time.com and won’t just share right away. Have patience : ) I will share everything in detail in the upcoming posts, if I remain alive (not kidding this time) but just really kidding. I am so excited that the first post will be delivered just after posting this one.

And last but not the beast(i man least) {i did not mean least} OK Enough drama. Enough is (not) Enough, I wanna say that I haven’t been following Swamiji since 2011 that I know all of the journey and ready to share with you, I was just 9 years toddler then and didn’t even know about Google. The way I got access to all of the materials I will be sharing is through Digital Archive -“Wayback Machine” – The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web, founded by the Internet Archive, a nonprofit library, and blah blah …..just go to wiki under pedia to know all the technical drama of it. Through the use of this time machine I went back in online history (btw in 19 years of my life, I have deleted more history than creating one :}) ) and got access to how the websites used to look back then and what content was present there.

And the first content which I am going to share in just the next post after it is a post/notice/letter whatever you wanna call it, “The Temple Project” in which Swamiji wrote on his idea and reason of building the Shri Hari Temple.

PS: I could have written without as “P.S” but just for fun I am here, the series will have 20 posts (if I don’t procrastinate and also if I don’t die- seriously not kidding) where I will mostly share about the 1. YouTube timeline 2. Around 10 websites related to Swamiji 3. Published then unpublished books 4. Various stat-is-tics data 5. Posts written on other platforms by Swamiji 6. ww.hold-on-i-am-Still_mindful.com

P.P.S: I am silent (but not violent) guy and they say I don’t have a sense of humor, well what do you shink about it? (and I don’t wanna say again that I meant what do you ‘think’)

PPPS: SORRY FOR READING MY POST (and I won’t mean anything here! )


Peace. I mean LOL.