This is the second part of the quotes I am sharing from the book, Om Swami- As we know Him. 

I feel the same way actually. Swami Ji’s books are full of wisdom. Snippets and whole pages that can be taken out and studied. 

Can I imagine reaching such a stage where there would be a total annihilation of my ego? I wish it so much. How beautifully did Ismita Tandon Ji describe this part! How will I reach this peak?

This particular quote had me shaking. My mind is flawed because times come when the Divine is not into my mind. The constant battle for the basic necessities and shelter overshadow the mind which wants to dwell on the Divine. I can only kneel and pray at your feet for wisdom Swami Ji. 

This quote was so powerfully articulated that I had a moment of freeze. The conviction behind this statement can only reinforce my belief in Swami Ji. 

🙏🏼Hari Om🙏🏼