In this part, I am sharing quotes from Book Two- My Master, My Life by Swami Vidyananda Om Ji. I really love the analogy part of looking out across the ocean. It speaks volumes to me. 

Om swami- as we know him #thewritechoice 2

The idea is again reinforced by one of Swami Ji’s foremost disciples that He sees through us. We are completely transparent to Him. Is it a bad thing? No, it is not. If I have accepted Swamiji as my Guruji, then He knows what’s best for me. Surrendering to His grace will only allow one to fly from the materialistic bondages that keep us chained. Our devotion finds no wings to explore the Divine. Again this has been beautifully written by Swami Vidyananda Om Ji. 

Om swami- as we know him #thewritechoice 3
This was an eye opener for me. I knew there must be some special dates that would be auspicious for starting a sadhana. 

Om swami- as we know him #thewritechoice 4
This is worth noting. When I shall visit the ashram, I will have to learn or at least listen to these two shlokas. 
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🌺Hari Om🌺