This is my last submission for #TheWriteChoice challenge. For my last article i was thinking about a lot of topics. But only Swami Ji’s face was flashing in front of my eyes. So, i decided to write about him.

Swami Ji’s, his youtube videos, his free live events, black lotus app and his books have had such a huge and positive impact on me that i cannot explain it in words. It’s like i am not the same person anymore as i have changed for the better.

I also want to express my gratitude to him for opening up his heart and for nobodies like me. It’s his grace alone that i am able to write such a huge number of articles. Even i didn’t had any idea that i can write these many articles in such a small amount of time. I remember it was almost the same time of last year when Swami Ji opened up for everyone who wishes to write on it. I thought that why would i come to read somebody’s article that i don’t even know as i only wanted to read Swami Ji’s articles. But it was my sheer ignorance that i was not able to see the magic that was going to happen on and also in my life.

Thankyou once again Swami Ji for being so kind, compassionate and helping. Please keep on doing the selfless work that you are doing for us, their are many wounded souls like me waiting to be healed with your grace. I cannot wait to attend your Zoom Satsangs which are going to take place from 6 June.

At last, i want to pay million obeisance at your Lotus Feet. Please give this small lotus(my name Kunal literally means lotus flower) some space at your feet and i will forever be grateful to you.

All Glories to Swami Ji!


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