Swami ji has a video on Willpower that discusses the power of Delayed Gratification.

In a very real way, the Scriptures of every culture on Earth speak to future accomplishments. For example, if you do good deeds in this life, you will be rewarded with a pleasant afterlife. Alternatively, complete your Tapas practice in this lifetime to achieve Nirvana.

Therefore, successful people are the ones who learn to delay their gratification.

According to a quote, I read, “Discipline Equals Freedom” was Jaicko Willings’s philosophy.

This is connected to the idea of seizing the day.

Swami ji asked, “What causes individuals to be exhausted all day despite their limited output?”

Quite simply, “people are putting their energies where they don’t belong.”

Examples include pointless chatter, aimless perusing, the agony of endlessly scrolling over the internet, and so on.

And Dandapani has said something very similar: whatever shows up repeatedly in your life is the focus of your attention and efforts. You construct your present and future.

Consistency in a negative pattern of behaviour indicates that we are devoting significant mental and emotional resources to that pattern. The same holds true for Good routines.

Swami ji said, “I have always lived (and continue to live) in the present moment.

This is the secret to maximizing each day.

I was reflecting on my own thoughts this morning. As I was thinking, the notion occurred to me that my mind contains both past and forecasts. However, being fully present in the moment is something I struggle with.

In such case, how can one make the most of each moment as it occurs?

  1. Inquiring, “What am I doing right now?” Asking oneself this question, even when distracted in meditation, is something that swami ji recommends.
  2. The second is to pay attention to one’s breathing. Swar vigyan advises keeping one’s attention on one’s breathing as a means to success in all undertakings.
  3. Third Mantra Shavash; I’ve seen that our consciousness becomes engrossed in the mind’s endless thinking loop if we leave it idle for even a moment. Anger, jealousy, and vengeance are all feelings I’d rather not dwell on, and since they’re so toxic, it’s best to keep using the Lord’s name even when you’re not doing anything. I’ll write a detailed post on this topic in future. Please don’t choose lengthy chants like the Gayatri Mantra, which are not only difficult to break in the middle of but also take a lot of mental energy to recite correctly. Mantras like “Raam naam” or “Shiv, Shiv, Shiv,… Shiv” (if you’re a Shiva devotee) can help. After using this technique, I discovered that my mind remained at peace long after I had stopped chanting. Sinful ideas are being replaced by reverence for the Lord. What use is there in worrying about the future if one must constantly deal with the here and now?
  4. Tight Deadlines; Just as in college and at work, we have monthly and weekly deadlines. We will use hourly or mini-day targets for our deadlines, with each mini-day consisting of four 6-hour segments. An individual should employ a timer to induce a sense of urgency, after which they should give their undivided attention to the subject at hand while teaching their mind to refrain from wandering to unrelated topics.

Now, before you read on, please examine the palm of your left hand.

  • To what extent have you examined the palm of your left hand?
  • Is your left hand palm facing you?
  • Have you noticed that your gaze has shifted to your left hand?

If the answer is yes, continue. This will make the next Statement much simpler to comprehend.

Always remember Where attention Goes, there energy Flows.

Even though I wrote this article several hours ago, it still has the power to get your body moving. It has the ability to channel your pranic energy and do exactly what I requested. I simply had your attention, therefore that’s what happened.

When we really live in the present most of the time, we will be able to use all of our energy on the task at hand. Therefore, we’ll be able to get more done in less time.

Therefore, it is imperative that we always keep our attention in check (in the present moment), and we will have both more energy and time.

And 24 hours is not a small period for one who knows where to invest energy (and maintain it there), as Swami ji expresses it.

Please share with me how you maximise your efforts each day. I’d be thrilled to work that into my routine and see how it goes!


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