This started sometime 2 months back when a family member Meera Om sent me In the Love of Master song to me. I listened to it for 2 times and I was inspired and sure that I also want to compose something like this for Swami.

Then the creative ideas started flowing – whenever I used to drive alone or sit alone in my room or try to sleep, I heard different melodies of “Om Swami” words playing in my head.

So long story short, 1 month ago I started working on this audio composition, I worked for 3 days (really exhausted myself) and reached nowhere. So I deleted the whole audio file!

Those of you have read my last post know that I was in a very sad and depressive state for a week. 

And then magic happened!✨ Swami sent me his angels, who loved me, comforted me, uplifted me and prepared me for this. 

My deepest gratitude to all the people who commented on my last post and showered so many blessings and love on me. I made some lovely friends here. 

Kirtee didi, who talked to me over calls and listened to me so lovingly and patiently. She also sent me a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box yesterday. I love you so much.. Lots of hugs to you.🤗

Sadhvi Vrinda, who has inspired me and held me patiently when I was broken.🌸

Sushree Diya, who checked on me so many times, answered my kiddish questions with love and made me feel heard. I can’t wait to see you Diya ji.🥰

Chantal Om, a very beautiful life coach, who is giving me sessions and helping me sail my boat in the ocean of life. 🦋

My two young friends Riya Om and Nalin, who asked me to relax and chill whenever I panicked.🥳🥳

Varun, you have moulded me into this person. Can’t be more grateful.💚

And lastly to the most amazing Divya Pai, who made me love myself again. I would not be standing on my feet again if it weren’t for you Divya.😘❣️


So I finally started working on the audio again 4 days back. ✨

And here it is – Om Swami (a musical offering)

This is a small present for my family. I love you all. 🤗🦋💞😘

It’s for Swami. It’s for the Love we feel for our beloved Guru. Only his grace made this audio possible. Thank you Swami, for looking after me.😇💚

I have kept it unlisted on YouTube, that means only the people having the link can see it. 

Can’t wait to know how you feel after listening to it. 🌷

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