Taahira’s post here reminded me of my journey since 2014. It was April. I had returned from the Sri Hari temple consecration. I was going through a tough time. There were multiple problems. Yet Swamiji had assured my mother that – “Gaadi ko patri pe laana mere kaam hai.” (that meeting incidentally got immortalized in the book “Om Swami As We Know Him in the pictures section).

Om swamiji 1

After the event, I was staying away from family. There were ongoing issues with my closest ones.

In the midst of all this, the first inspiration stuck. At a time, which I couldn’t think of much except the ongoing problems, it was a miracle that I spent time doing this video (link here). With Swamiji’s permission, I posted it on Facebook (the original link has been lost). There was a lot of help from my relatives where I was staying in Delhi.

Taahira – your song was beautiful. Stay there, there will be a wonderful path ahead for you. Trust Swamiji – it has happened for me and for many others.

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