If life was all about hacks and going by pointers, the robots would be ruling us by now! You see pointers is also a programming concept. It is a placeholder basically. Does it have a value? Yes a pointer has a value, but the value stored at this pointer is merely pointing to an address. The address has the actual value that we want to point at. So the value of a pointer is just an address and this address stores the actual value such as 1, 12.35, ‘abc’, ‘dog’ etc. We are concerned about this actual value and not just the address that the pointer points at!

Coming to my point, if we all just keep a note of pointers in life then we are merely pointing to some other people’s values. We should live by our own values that we define! Do not go on listening to other people, keeping a track of their mantras and fundas in life. They surely can be a guide and advisor but it is you who has to walk your own course of life. In the real field of life you will utilize your brain and skills, if you choose to govern your life based on other people’s suggestions then you are merely lost in keeping track of their beliefs and storing mere pointers; while you never could define the values of your own. Do you realize what an empty and unsatisfying life that becomes? When somebody else takes charge of your life decisions, you lose any say in your own life matters eventually. In hindsight, you feel suffocated and frustrated. You may not achieve your life goals as there is no guarantee that others’ fundas will work for you as well. You have tried and failed and the other person is not liable for your downfall or failures. It is you who let them handle the steering if your life but where you reach is only on you to accept, they will soon vanish. You will be unsatisfied with life and you will feel angry and have bottled up feelings that you could never convey to your well wishers. Seek advice but make independent decisions, not influenced by any other individual, group or ideology.

When you are at the crossroads of life and you raise your hand for help, hoping that these very people will come to your rescue as you have found your comfort in listening to what they would do in such a situation and you could never be independent in your thoughts and ideas, you will be left helpless. Do not do that to yourself. Always, I say always try to work on your ideas, strategies, personality and skills. If you have hit rock bottom and making an effort to stand on two feet, sure seek help, listen to the mentors and take the support but learn to walk on your own. Your own free-will will shape your path, do not rely on the aid forever as you will never break free from the dependency.

Write your own principles, build your own instinct, follow your intuition and lead a glorious life. I want to remind myself this everyday and sharing it here will strengthen my resolve to be self reliant, stand up for myself and not let anybody else pave the way for me.

Happy, content, maker of my own destiny, spreading love and positive energy.