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A Poem About The Nature Of Life

If life was easy

It would have been boring.

If there were no difficulties,

Success would have lost its meaning.

If there were no challenges,

There would have been no growth.

If you had everything you want,

Why would you live?

Why would you wake up every dreadful morning

And do your bid? 


Stop seeing life in black or white

In good or bad

In difficult or easy.

Life is both, and even none of it.

It’s just a perspective

That you take.

Haven’t you heard, they say:

“Yatha drishti tatha Srishti!”

Change your eyes,

And your world will change. 


Life is complete in itself.

In sorrow or bliss.

Complete you are!

This world is complete!

What’s lacking is—a simple understanding

The awareness

That behind this great phenomenal world

Everything’s perfect.

Everything is in its proper place.

We just need eyes to see,

Ears to hear

The Invisible Space

The Inaudible Sound

Of our Inexhaustible Existence. 

[P.S: The views expressed are my own personal outlook. I don’t mean to belittle any hardship that you may have faced or are facing in life. It’s just that our outlook decides how we feel our life is. Thanks for reading anyway.]
Thank you.
Image Credit: psychologytoday.com

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