On My Death

So what! If I die…
The world will keep spinning as ever.
The universe will keep expanding as ever.
The stars will be born
And will keep dying as ever.

What does it matter if I die tonight
Or two days later…
Some works will be left unfinished.
Some promises will be left unkept.
Some aspirations will remain unfulfilled.

What will be the loss if I die…
My family will be shipwrecked.
My friends will miss a name from their party.
My lovers will feel sad.

So what! If I die unmarried…
Pleasures of a partner will I miss.
Assurance of my legacy
In the form of my off-springs
Will I miss.
My name will be forgotten…

So what’s the big deal!

Only if I die unenlightened,
Does it matter to me.
Only if I die without losing myself in Love,
Does it matter to me.
Only if I die without absolute contentment,
Does it matter to me.

So, don’t cry for me. If you can,
Just pray:
That I die
With Love in my heart
With Contentment in my soul
With Truth in my being!

Thank You.