I was reading the boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse last weekend. What a beautiful book and the illustrations, omg. While reading this book, the statement that struck me the most was, be kind to yourself. Pretty simple right? However, I realized that while we are loving and kind to everyone around us, we sometimes forget to be kind to ourselves. To be kind to others first, we need to be kind to ourselves.

“What have you stopped believing?” asked the boy
“That show must always go on” said the horse – Charlie Mackesy


On Other Days

When the wheels inside you rumble,
the lights begin to flicker
As the flames of chaos engulf you,
release the need to complicate
Through generosity and lavish spirit, truly yours
Weave your soul with kindness
On other days you can conquer the world

When you feel less alive than a Renaissance corpse,
After embattling each hour
that add up to a life,
Snuggle up in your bed,
give those old friends a call
It takes courage to ask for help
On other days you can conquer the world

When the cuts are too deep to hide,
Strip off those dainty outfits
Look at your naked soul in the mirror
But only with pride,
You have come so far
All I ask, love yourself
On other days you can conquer the world

One the days, when the mind is restless,
Cloudy as the monsoon sky
Watch the raindrops race down your windowpane
Choose joyous and loving thoughts
Open your heart to the beauty around,
Surrender is endearing,
On other days you can conquer the world


A link to the beautiful book that inspired this poem: https://youtu.be/81b4i9jQhck

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