As  She entered  the premises of building to enquire undersired exam result.she stopped by guard. He scanned her thoroughly and she came up with her question about office number and  concerned person.He replied authoritatively  and ask for bribe. She stunned .In utter confusion she  raided each and every corner of her backpack.Finally she found some one, two , five and ten rupiah coins  making total ₹75.She extended her closed and confident fist full of courageous coins towards him. He took his extended palm back and stood  impatiently.She kept coins back and stepped forward and accomplished her task.While going back her eyes met with same guard clearly showing he was embarrassed with his act. How pathetic the situation was!!Question arises whether he really  in need of some more money or mere a greed. She learnt a lesson or taught a lesson or both?

Small Situations hit hard!!

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Manisha Nandal Dahiya


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